Effections for After Effects & Premiere Pro Re:Vision Effects

Effections for After Effects & Premiere Pro


Effections are special bundled collections of Re:Vision FX plugins.

Effections for After Effects & Premiere Pro includes:

DE:Noise v2, FieldsKit v3, RE:Fill v2, ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro v4, RE:Map 2, Shade/Shape v4, SmoothKit v3, Twixtor Pro v5 and Video Gogh v3.


DE:Noise v2

DE:Noise makes it easy to remove excessive noise in one easy-to-use tool!

FieldsKit v3

FieldsKit provides smarter deinterlacing and better workflow options for interlaced footage.

RE:Fill v2

RE:Fill mends holes in images by intelligently filling user-specified regions.

ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro v4

By automatically tracking every pixel, ReelSmart Motion Blur applies more natural-looking motion blur with no effort!

RE:Map 2

RE:Map provides professional quality mapping and distortion tools.

Shade/Shape v4

Shade/Shape automatically turns your 2D artwork into 3D rendered imagery!

SmoothKit v3

SmoothKit provides the ultimate filter set to smooth your imagery by combining user-directed controls and feature-sensitive methods.

Twixtor Pro v5

Twixtor intelligently slows down, speeds up or changes the frame rate of your image sequences.

Video Gogh v3

Video Gogh turns your pictures and videos into painted works of art!


Host Applications:
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere Pro

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Regular Price : $889.95

AV3 Price : $845.45

Save : 5%


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