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Digieffects Megasuite renamed to Digisuite Posted about 6 years ago by Ian Easton - Posted in General

The guys at Digieffects have decided to rename their Megasuite bundle to the Digisuite v2.5. There are three things here that are worthy of note: The price is still the same, the products included are still the same and we at AV3 love the new name! There is nothing like the renaming of a product to bring it in line with company branding to bring a touch of added excitement and spice to said product. Things just seem right for the new Digisuite. 

As we said – the products within the Digisuite are still the same:

Buena Depth Cue

Buena Depth Cue is a set of plug-ins for working with layers in 3D in Adobe After Effects 6.0 and later. They allow the application of realistic depth-related effects, such as fog, rack focus, and lighting with falloff, to 3D layers.

Here’s an example of Buena Depth Cue’s ‘Rack Focus’ :


Many shooters want to capture that classic ‘old style’  or vintage look of raw film from yesteryear. Damage harnesses the destructive power of lame rabbit ears, bad BNC cables, tree branch-obstructed satellite dishes, poorly tracking VHS machines, scratched DVDs, low fidelity security cameras, micro-datarate cell phones and old footage.

Here’s a cracking example of Damage’s ‘Aged Film’ :


Delirium contains over 39 special effects plug-ins. It also contains tools for creating particle-based fire, smoke and bubbles. These particle effects enhanced with built-in turbulence processing to create realistic imagery without resorting to complex 3D programs. Many of the plug-ins AutoAnimate, meaning that many of the plug-ins will begin to animate as soon as they are applied to an image, meaning you no longer have to tweak parameters to get quick results. All plug-ins can save, load and modify presets. No need to navigate to find a preset - just click the pop-up! Each plug-in has several presets to get you started quickly.FireWorks creates amazing pyrotechnic displays automatically it's an AutoAnimate plug-in. It can create spectacular spherical explosions complete with sparkly trails quickly and easily.

Here’s an example of Delirium’s ‘Soft Glow’ preset : 

Digieffects are currently working on the new design logos for each of the products, and we have been informed that we will receive these once completed – something else to look forward to from this fresh and newly-titled bundle! 

We hope you enjoy the new Digisuite as much as we do! Here’s a link for more info: 


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